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President’s Notes

My Fellow Probians

It was sad to lose two of our Charter members, Ann Brown and Margaret Hawkins at the start of our new year. Both were active supporters in the Club's activities.

On a happier note, it was good to have guests attending the last meeting and I would encourage you all to help build the Club’s membership this year.

Please remember that due to Easter falling on our normal meeting date our meeting has been shifted to April 15th, with the Club's management committee meeting the Friday before, being the 12th April.

Life seems to be getting busier and Jeny and I caught up with my cousins in Ballarat for 3 days with the highlight being a visit to the Begonia Festival. The colours and sizes of the blooms are truly splendid. We followed this up with a visit to Anglesea and caught up with our two daughters and new grandson. Both were good breaks and it was hard to return to the city and duties again.

That said we are enjoying a lovely Autumn.

You always feel better with the sun out.

I have received some questions concerning the rise in the Club subscription. At present our agreement with the bowls Club is a payment of $500 per meeting. This agreement is in its second year and will need to be revised in 2025. The Bowls Club base their fee on the CPI index. The Club committee felt it was better to have a small rise in fees now rather than a large increase later on.

I would encourage you to get involved in the Club's activities so that you get the full benefit from your membership and get to know other members. If you have any ideas for new activities, please let the committee know.

Peter Matthews

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