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President’s Notes

Dear Fellow Probians.

I hope you all had a survivable Christmas and a happy New Year. At least with the AO being held here in Melbourne, I thought that my late nights watching TV were over. Ha!..Have enjoyed the tennis, except for the loud grunts and shrieks, the endless ball bouncing and the colours of some of the clothes, but perhaps I am being too picky. Well Summer has finally arrived - I think. Although it has not been too hot, our gardens still need some TLC so keep on tending, watering, feeding and that goes for the plants as well.

Some of our interest groups met during January as many of us don’t go away over the summer but prefer to travel later on.

As we consider our travel plans for 2024, we have received information from Probus South Pacific that Collette the international and domestic tour company is now a sponsor and offers $100 discount per person off every tour. To investigate please go to I have not travelled with them but their tours look varied and interesting.

We will have the pleasure of Inducting three new members at the February meeting which is the last before our AGM on March 4th.

I look forward to seeing you there after what I am certain will be the beginning of a month full of interesting activities, and another very successful year for our Probus Club.

Stay safe and active.

Carole Williams

Really Useful Tip # 4: The new clear plastic tops on Woolworths’ milk are recyclable - unlike the blue ones which weren’t. Just remember to unscrew the top before you try to remove the seal from top of the milk. [Some of us didn’t.]

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