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Cycling Group

The Active bike group rides twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays,

However It is with regret that the Bike group has been suspended due to current covet 19 lock down restriction introduced in July




Treasurers Report

The Treasurers Report For This Month can be read here


Presidents Message

Every Month our President Tony pens a message to members

To read this months message click here


This Meeting Speaker

Our next meeting will be on the

Monday the 7th September as a Virtual Meeting using Zoom

Where our speaker will be 

Join Katelyn Fryer

Boroondara Council Waste Education and Projects Officer

Subject - The Wonderful World of Waste

Learn more about the issue of waste, how to reduce waste, recycling, FOGO (the new food organics garden organics collections), and much more.




Dine Out Group

The Dine Out Groups arranges bookings for either Lunch or Dinner at various restaurants and cafes in the area 

As we could not have any Dine-Out functions, last month we proposed a Dine-In Dinner on August 12th. This was by way of a special dinner at  home, knowing that our fellow Probians were doing exactly the same.

 More details read here




Excursions Are planned nearly every month for the pleasure of Members

There are no outings or excursions planned for due to SUSPENSION of Club meetings 

We urgently need a convenor and assistant for Excursions or there wont be any excursions when the coronova scare is over.

Country towns will be looking for visitors to help their economic recovery and members will be itching to get together and travel to interesting destinations .Contact a committee member for assistance


August/September Meeting Club Newsletter is out

The Latest Newsletter for the 2nd Virtual Meeting is now available.

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