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Two Book Groups Meet each Month

Tuesday Evening Book Group :

Contact John Curry

We reviewed “Blue Ribbons, bitter bread” by Susannah De Vries at our July meeting.

The book is a biography of the life of Joice Nankivell Loch. She was an Australian bush girl born on a cane farm in North Queensland and who subsequently endured extreme hardship living and working on farms in rural Victoria.

In the early 20th century, she travelled to Europe as a journalist and in conjunction with the Quakers became a great humanitarian through her work with refugees in Europe. She has been recognized as Australia’s most decorated woman, with awards from many European countries.

A story of a remarkable woman who is little known in Australia. We rated the book at 7 out of 10.

At our August meeting we will review “To become a Whale” by Ben Hobson.

John Curry  0417581126

Second Wednesday Afternoon Book Group :

Contact Karen Pond                                                      

This month we discussed “One Hundred Days” by Alice Pung.

A fractured fairy-tale exploring the fault lines between love and control. We gave it mixed reviews.

Next month we will discuss “After Story” by Larissa Behrendt.

Regards Helen Pavey in the absence of Karen


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