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Two Book Groups Meet each Month

Tuesday Night Book Group :

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We reviewed “The Tolstoy Estate” by Stephen Conte. The book was an historical novel based on a short period of time in the war between Russia and Germany. The action takes place at the estate where Tolstoy lived. Similarities are drawn with “War and Peace” by Tolstoy. We rated the book highly at 8.3 out of ten.

At the next meeting we will review “Preservation” by Jock Serong.  A story that takes place in the history of shipwrecks and early colonial life Sydney.

We welcomed John McIntosh as a new member of the group.  

Please contact John Curry for further information                                                

John Curry

Wednesday Afternoon Book Group :

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We reviewed our previous book, The Piano Tuner, and agreed it was an intriguing novel that could be viewed in many different ways, and the main characters left us questioning - was he a spy, an innocent, or just a naive piano tuner? 

This month we will be reading The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley. Our group has a few extra copies of this book; if you would like to read it, and perhaps join us at our next meeting, please contact Carole Williams.  The next meeting will be at the Barnsbury  Clubhouse on  Wednesday August 11, at 2pm.


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