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Two Book Groups Meet each Month

Tuesday Night Book Group :

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We reviewed “Becoming” by Michele Obama and rated it at 7.3 out of 10. The book was not a political treatise. It was rather the story of an extremely talented woman who had come from a poor, but loving family background and who exhibited a great social conscience.

At our February meeting we will firstly review ‘Frieda” by Annabel Abbs – a biography of D H Lawrence’s wife on whom “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” is supposedly based and then review  Lady Chatterley’s  Lover". A double billing for February 11th.

We welcomed Judy Watt to the group and received with regret the resignation of Mary Coburn.


Wednesday Afternoon Book Group :

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No book group meeting in January,                                                                                                                         we meet again on Wednesday 11th February 2020 at Judy Lear’s .

We had a great Christmas luncheon at Elle Thanks,

Glen Keane


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