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Two Book Groups Meet each Month

Tuesday Night Book Group :

Contact John Curry

It was great  to be able get together again at Athelstan for dinner and chat.  Our book “the Happiest Man on Earth” rated high to very high with an average of 9.  Words  such as  inspirational, humble, generous and the importance of  relationships  were used to describe Eddie Jaku’s life.

 Our next book to be reviewed on December 14th is “The Dovekeepers”  by Alice Hoffman.

Please contact John Curry for further information

John Curry

Wednesday Afternoon Book Group :

Contact Karen Pond

At our last meeting (in person!) we  discussed a variety of books recently read, and received our book for this month - The Survivor, by Jane Harper.  It looks like an exciting read.

Our next meeting will be on 8 December, from 12.30, at Barnsbury, where we will celebrate the end of the year, and share in a lunch.  If you haven’t already advised if you will/won’t be attending, please contact me ASAP, on 

Happy  Christmas and Merry New Year to all our Probians and their families.

Best regards


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