Golf results for end of November and December games                                                                                    

Date Weekly Winner Longest Drive Nearest The Pin Best Off The Stick
25/11 Gary Jackson Gary Jackson Rosemary Sier Cheryl Olney & Gary Jackson
3/12 Kieth Creed Cheryl Olney - Cheryl Olney
9/12 Einhart Lincke Gary Jackson Einhart Lincke Einhart Lincke
21/10 Cheryl Olney Mike Pavey Ian Bourke, Cheryl Olney
Peter Matthews

Prior to our enjoyable Christmas break up lunch, our individual 2019 winners were announced.    

Nearest the pin - Christine Mavrodoglos and Gary Jackson tied with 4 each 

Longest Drive -  Trevor Mackey and Gary Jackson tied with 7 each 

Best off the Stick  -Ian Bourke a clear winner with 8 wins     

Most Green Jacket Winner – Christine Mavrodoglos with 10 wins and winner of our new 2019  annual Auburn Probus Golf Champion Trophy    


Second was Einhart Lincke with 8 wins and third place went to Colin Richards with 7 wins.   

Details of February 2020 Golf start up will be communicated in our February Newsletter.Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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