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The Next General meeting is on Monday 6th May 2024 at 10 am

May Speaker                        

Robyn Harrison

"Prevention Of Falls"

It is very easy to fall as we all know.

It is a particular concern of our age group, but really of any age group. There is no need to discuss the possible consequences of an unexpected fall! The big issue is to know if we can do anything to reduce the likelihood of a fall. We are grateful to our Past President Carole Williams for suggesting that we invite Robyn Harrison knowing that she has spoken to other Probus groups.

Robyn is a physiotherapist who will already be known to some of our members who have attended the Balwyn Physiotherapy Clinic.

Speaker Convenor Changeover

Congratulations Peter & Norm for a challenging job well done!

Our time as the Speakers’ Convenors will finish with the May meeting. It has been an interesting and challenging, two years. We have not done this task alone: we have been grateful to members who have been our speakers and talked about their former jobs, travel, hobbies and interests. We have appreciated the suggestions for speakers from our members.

We know that Tony Smythe (0458 566 809) and Neil Hookey (0437 664 799) will be as grateful as we were for any suggested speaker or other activity which would interest our members.

There is just one additional point which is important. Our speakers have 45 minutes to speak with 10 minutes for questions and comment. The meeting is passed back to the President at 11.55am.

April Speaker Summary

Chris Long


Chris Long spent forty years working in documentary Radio and Television. He has collected many of the earliest Australian documentary films and written about them particularly in Cinema Papers and elsewhere. He screened for us a collection of his films of early Australia and especially early Melbourne and Camberwell. For most of us it was the era of our parents and grandparents. Early Camberwell was particularly fascinating as it highlighted how much transport in particular has changed.

Chris, along with his wife, Prue, have been very generous with their time by showing the films to a number of local community groups. We appreciated the visit to our Probus Club.


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