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The Next General meeting is on Monday 5th February 2024 at 10 am

February Speaker

Professor Kate Burridge.

“What’s so good about bad language"

Change in language is something natural, constant and unavoidable, and all aspects of English (sounds, words and grammar) are constantly on the move.

The clues to where they are heading lie in the variation we find in everyday speech. Often these clues lurk in the linguistic features that many of you probably regard as wrong, bad or sloppy linguistic pinpricks such as funner, youse, between you and I, mischievious, gotten, yeah-no, to verse, snuck and so on.

Many of them will drop by the wayside (you’ll probably be relieved to know!), and some will remain variation. But there will also be a number that catch on and eventually make their way into the repertoire of Standard English in the future.

To draw on my favourite garden metaphor today’s weeds may well become tomorrow’s cherished garden ornamentals.


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