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This Months President’s Message    

By now you will have received an email from our Webmaster (and Zoom meeting host) , Mike Pavey, about the meeting of the club to be held by Zoom on Monday 3 August. You may have already been exposed to this technology through other organisations. If so , any fears you may have had will hopefully have been eliminated. If not, please follow Mike’s instructions and I’m sure you will enjoy the experience .

I remember when I was first playing around with a computer, I often sought advice from me eldest son who was quite skilled in that area. On more than one occasion he said “ just have a go with it ,Dad, - experiment a bit - it won’t blow up on you”: and it never has.

So I look forward to you experimenting with us , albeit at a “virtual” meeting, as they call these Zoom - type gatherings. For my part , it will be another experimental experience too, as it will be the first time I have had to preside over such a meeting. Indeed it will be the first time I will have been able to preside over a meeting of the club since I was installed as the President.

On your behalf I extend grateful thanks to Mike, not only for allowing the club to make use of his Zoom facility, but for his work in advance in instructing us on the intricacies of the technology and for being our Webmaster on the day.

With my very best wishes for your continued wellbeing in these trying times .

Tony Smythe




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